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Metuchen Quiz

Metuchen Quiz Answer Key

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Metuchen Trivia Quiz

Did you know that if you start at the center of Metuchen, you can’t leave town without going over or under a railroad line, current or abandoned.

  1. The street lighting system in Metuchen was installed in

(A)   1891

(B)   1899

(C)   1905

(D)   1910

  1. During colonial times, Metuchen was located in what was then Woodbridge Township.

(A)   True

(B)   False

  1. Except for the 1972 extension, the current Metuchen Public Library was completed in

(A)   1927

(B)   1937

(C)   1940

(D)   1945

  1. Tommy’s pond received its name from the 19th century owner of the block. What was his name?

(A)   Frank Thomas

(B)   Thomas Edward Freeman

(C)   David Graham Thomas

(D)   Thomas the Tank Engine

(E)    Gregory Thomas Noma

  1. Driving north on Route 27, there is a green sign just before Main Street. There is an arrow pointing to the right which says “Metuchen Business District”, and there is an arrow pointing to the left. What word(s) is named with the left arrow?

(A)   Plainfield

(B)   City Hall

(C)   Scotch Plains

(D)   Los Angeles

  1. Metuchen was incorporated as an independent borough in the year

(A)   1880

(B)   1890

(C)   1900

(D)   1910

  1. What current NHL player for the Washington Capitals attended St. Joe’s high school?

(A)   Semyon Varlamov

(B)   John Erskine

(C)   Brooks Laich

(D)   John Carlson

  1. The railroad arrived in Metuchen in

(A)   1836

(B)   1842

(C)   1850

(D)   1855

  1. In 1971, the Metuchen police force had how many officers?

(A)   33

(B)   39

(C)   24

(D)   6

  1. What is the name of the family who owns ‘What’s the Scoop’?

(A)   Patterson

(B)   Corbin

(C)   Jefferson

(D)   Steelflex

  1. The name ‘Metuchen’ first appears in colonial records in

(A)   1650

(B)   1681

(C)   1688

(D)   1705

  1. What famous magician was born in Metuchen?

(A)   Harry Anderson

(B)   Rich Ferguson

(C)   Gregory Wilson

(D)   David Copperfield

  1. In January 2011, this person died and is famous from his participation in World War II, as highlighted in the HBO series ‘Band of Brothers’. He lived in Metuchen after the war and met his wife in Metuchen.

(A)   Lewis Nixon

(B)   William Guarnere

(C)   Richard Winters

(D)   Donald Malarkey

  1. Trolley service commenced  in Metuchen in

(A)   1888

(B)   1898

(C)   1918

(D)   1928

  1. On March 1, 1924, there was an explosion and fire in a town near Metuchen. The explosion claimed 20 lives and destroyed several square miles of New Jersey factories. What was the name of the factory?

(A)   Nixon Nitration Works

(B)   Diamond L Fireworks

(C)   Blomkest Fertilizer Inc.

(D)   Smithkline Beechman Pharmaceuticals

  1. The Moss school is named after Mildred L. Moss. What was the original name of the Moss school?

(A)   Lincoln School

(B)   Washington School

(C)   Johnson School

(D)   The Moss school was the original name

  1. What famous boxer was a resident of Metuchen? He was inducted into the international boxing hall of fame in 1990.

(A)   Willie Pep

(B)   Jack Johnson

(C)   Jim Corbett

(D)   John L. Sullivan

  1. What was the original name of Middlesex Avenue?

(A)   New Brunswick and Newark Turnpike

(B)   Raritan Turnpike

(C)   Middlesex and Essex Turnpike

(D)   Metuchen Avenue

  1. What is the size of Metuchen in square miles?

(A)   1.1

(B)   1.9

(C)   2.7

(D)   17.5

  1. How much did the current Metuchen Public Library cost to construct, excluding the 1972 extension?

(A)   $14,000

(B)   $38,000

(C)   $52,000

(D)   $74,000

  1. The center of Metuchen is how many feet above sea level?

(A)   29

(B)   92

(C)   113

(D)   177

  1. The Forum Theatre opened in

(A)   1915

(B)   1919

(C)   1925

(D)   1928

  1. Jerome H. Lemelson was a famous resident of Metuchen. He is best known for

(A)   Being an inventor and holding over 550 patents

(B)   Being a musician and writing over 550 songs

(C)   Being a painter and creating over 550 paintings

(D)   Being a sculptor and creating over 550 sculptures.

  1. ‘Brainy Borough’ is the nickname of Metuchen. In 1914, Metuchen won the rights to the name in a contest with another borough. What borough did Metuchen win the rights from?

(A)   Avalon

(B)   Ramsey

(C)   Chatham

(D)   Glen Ridge

  1. The first building that was designed to specifically hold Metuchen’s library was built in 1885. What were its dimensions?

(A)   11 by 19 feet

(B)   28 by 43 feet

(C)   55 by 91 feet

(D)   78 by 134 feet


  1. Metuchen was incorporated as an independent borough on the date

(A)   January 16

(B)   March 20

(C)   July 4

(D)   December 2

  1. What does “Huby so Slaninou” mean?

(A)   Books and Curtains

(B)   Hats on People

(C)   Mushrooms with Bacon

(D)   Please take out the garbage

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